When using several Brushette brush heads at the same time, it is convenient to store them in a Holdette made of antibacterial silicone.

Low cost, environmentally friendly and high quality oral hygiene. Compatible with Oral-B® toothbrushes.

Quality oral care products don’t always have to be expensive, Brushette is good for you, good for nature and good for your wallet.

With Brushette, you’re saving nature

Every time you change the tip of your toothbrush, you throw away about 6 grams of plastic. Assuming that 25% of Estonians use an electric toothbrush, every time you change the brush head, you create more than 2 tonnes of plastic waste in Estonia. Brushette allows you to keep the nozzle and replace only the part of the bristles that is less than 1 gram of plastic. By using Brushette, you reduce the amount of waste six times!

Hygienically produced and packaged

Most manufacturers don’t sterilize their bristles, which means that your toothbrush has already accumulated a lot of bacteria before you use it. However, all Brushette brushes undergo UV sterilization during the manufacturing process, and each one is individually packaged in bacteria-free nitrogen packaging.

Brushette is affordable

Most Oral-B or Philips Sonicare toothbrush nibs cost around €8 to €10 when bought as a single or in pairs from a regular shop. A single Brushette brush head costs just €2.

A standing order option is coming soon and even better prices!

You can find more information about Brushette products at www.brushette.ee.


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