Curaprox soother size 1 (7-10kg)

For your peace of mind: Finally, a dummy that supports the development of gums, teeth and jaws – instead of hindering them. Now, babies can use a dummy without the danger of jaw deformation and dental displacement. Developed by orthodontists.
The use of ordinary soothers leads to jaw and tooth displacements. This in turn can lead to a broad range of health problems, including impaired breathing, sleeping and swallowing disorders, difficulties concentrating, poor posture and more.

The CURAPROX Baby soother, which was developed by Dr of Dental Science Herbert Pick, prevents both aesthetic and health-related difficulties that result from the use of regular soothers. It does this with biofunctionality: The soother is designed in a manner that ensures no displacements or damage result from its use under ordinary conditions, due to the fact that the soother leaves enough room for the tongue and palate to develop normally. The palate doesn‘t take on a high-arched shape and the upper dental arch develops a nice round shape. This soother from CURAPROX Baby marks a breakthrough for both oral and general health.
The flat tip and side wings prevent crossbite and ensure that the dental arch develops properly
The palate doesn’t take on a high-arched shape; mouth breathing is prevented promoting normal nose breathing
The flat shaft prevents an open bite; the shield projects away from the jaw to prevent retrusive occlusion
The oscillating silicone membrane helps prevent swallowing disorders
A natural breast feeling supports calm sucking by the baby
The textured surface serves as a separator that ensures that the saliva dries quickly under the membrane and doesn’t cause any skin irritation
Biofunctionality promotes natural growth processes
Completely safe to use – free from harmful Bisphenol (BPA) or Phthalates or Azo dyes.


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