Mouldable version of the S1 for optimum overnight retention

The Myosa® for TMJBDS®S1 Mouldable (S1M) is used overnight only in patients who are using the S1H or S1 appliance but are struggling to retain it overnight. It is made with dual-layered technology which provides a soft outer layer and hard inner core to prevent appliance distortion during moulding. Eventually, the goal is to transition the patient to using the non-mouldable appliances so they can close their mouth overnight naturally.

The design features of the S1M open the airway and correct myofunctional habits while allowing the appliance to be custom moulded for optimum overnight retention in patients with moderate BDS.

Directions for Use

The Myosa® appliance is to be used for one to two hours each day, plus overnight while sleeping. The patient’s teeth may become slightly sensitive in the early stages of treatment. This is quite normal, however, if pain becomes excessive, decrease application time with the aim to build it back up once the appliance is accustomed to and sensitivity subsides. The Myosa® appliance may change the position of the teeth and jaws, though the flexibility of the appliance minimizes this potential.


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