• UNRIVALED FRESH BREATH – Did you know that 80% of bad breath cases originate from the tongue? Solve your bad breath mystery with the Oolitt® tongue cleaner – it removes 75% of stinky sulfur compounds!
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – The tongue’s nooks & crannies are an ideal spot for stinky bacteria to hide out and “reek” havoc. Lucky for you, the Oolitt’s ripple edge easily cleans away gunk & tongue plaque like magic.
  • CLEAN TONGUE – A white- or yellow-coated tongue is no laughing matter … it’s a clue your breath needs serious help! A clean, beautiful tongue will keep you smiling, without the need to hide behind your hand!
  • IMPROVE SENSE OF TASTE – Kick your taste buds up a notch (or infinity) – the Oolitt’s stimulating bead bar helps restore and improve taste sensation, so you can enjoy your favorite food & drinks more.
  • BETTER THAN A TOOTHBRUSH – Using a tongue scraper is way more effective at removing stinky sulfur compounds from the tongue versus a toothbrush … 50% more effective, in fact! Best of all, no gag reflex!

Stick your tongue out (we won’t tell on you) and then with the ripple-edge facing down, gently run the Oolitt® Elite Tongue Cleaner down the length of your tongue. Repeat several times, then rinse debris. Use twice daily before brushing, after coffee, or any time you need a fresh breath pick-me-up.

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Oxyfresh Oolitt® Elite keelekaabits Oxyfresh Oolitt® Elite keeleka...


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