Piksters Professional Pack
This kit has been designed for an easier and more efficient selection of Piksters. It also includes SupaGRIP and SupaGRIP XP which may be more practical for patients that have difficulty using interdental brushes. Newly added to this kit is the Piksters KINK – which has an angled handle reducing the need to bend the brush head over.
Stronger, Stiffer Coated Wire Resists Buckling
– Brushes last longer, better quality, better value
(significantly less expensive per brush than many other brands)

Extra Durable PA612 Bristles
– Deliver superior cleaning ability
– Quality nylon bristles compress on insertion and spring open on withdrawal

– Every brush has a cap which acts as a handle extension
– The cap allows brush to dry between uses and keeps bristles clean

Slim Compact Handle
– Allows the user to rotate the brush on insertion
– Easy efficient cleaning action
– Less plastic, less waste

– Piksters can be re-used several times
– 10 brushes per pack

REFILL PACKS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR THE PROFESSIONAL PACK so that you can top up your kit as the components run low. (These are available at a very low nominal charge)


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Piksters Professional Pack Piksters_Professional Pack